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On Hiatus: Moving Apartments

Hi all. We’re going on a hiatus until about August 11th. We’re moving to an apartment that has an extra bedroom, which we’re going to use as an office. We’ll pick our review queue back up then, and roll out some fun new features! Thanks for being our naughty readers! See you in August.   Read more →


Monster Sex Stories 7.5-11: Werecake v. HDMI

Each week we comb the latest releases to find the best and weirdest monster sex stories. This week we’ve got anatomically correct robots, werecakes, and haunted HDMI cables. Strap on your vibrators, ladies and gents, it’s time to party. Notables Bundle of the Week Sex with my Husband’s Anatomically Correct Robot: The Collection Vol 2, by KJ Burkhardt, 23,600 words,… Read more →


Erotic Fiction Literature: Monstertantra’s Top 10 Influences

There’s barely a day goes by that we don’t read something, and all of it filters through our brainpans and out into our storytelling. Here’s 10 of our top influences, the ones that have added the most spice and style to our erotica. 10. D.H. Lawrence, the Primordial Folk-Hipster “We fucked a flame into being” D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover (more) We… Read more →

Stolen by the Cyclops (Blog)

Review: “Stolen by the Cyclops” by Vanessa Cox

But, honestly, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do anything about it. Her body felt like it was betraying her. With every stroke of his long, large tongue, Claire could feel the center between her legs burn and ache.   Information Title: Stolen by the Cyclops Author: Vanessa Cox List Price at Time of Review: $2.99 Pages: 23 Synopsis:  Claire,… Read more →